LRD6300 Clear Label Sensor

Clear Label Sensing just got easier!

Your clear label sensor needs to be reliable and easy to use. The new LRD6300 sets a new standard for performance, versatility, and simplicity.

Be Quick

One button setup and you're running. Manual adjustments if you want them.

Be Fast and Accurate

Capacitive technology is the fastest and most accurate method of detecting gaps between labels for pressure sensitive label applicators, counters, slitters, rewinders etc. (Want to see our technology test results?)

Be Confident

The industry's only two-year warranty and over 50,000 installed LRD brand label sensors attest to Lion Precision's unequaled reputation for high performance and reliability.

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Easy Push-Button Adjustments

Label Sensor Over Range Indicator

The buttons are easy to push and the hard-coated polyester overlay means they won't wear or crack for at least 1,000,000 operations. Visual push-button indicator confirms button presses and lets you know if you're out of range.

How Simple Can It Be?

Label Sensor Triple Check Verification

Peel off a label or place a gap in the sensor; Hold the Gap ("G") button for one second and your set. With Easy-Check Verification, a simple glance at the large, bright indicator, even from a distance, assures the operator the sensor is working properly.
Setup is good when there are lights in LABEL area and lights in GAP area.
No tiny, confusing data displays to interpret.

Easy Configuration

Light/Dark Switching indicators make it easy to tell which mode you're in. One press of the L/D button changes the mode.

High Gain mode allows you to sense very tiny or thin labels other sensors may struggle with.

LRD6300 Setup Video

You will save time, money, and frustration with this easy-to-setup sensor.

The LRD6300  takes only seconds to setup.

Basic setup video.

Setup for metallic/high-carbon labels.

Check the label sensor buzz on

Capacitive Label Sensor Specifications

Response Time

20 ┬Ás


0.002" (0.05 mm)

Switching Frequency

10 kHz

Operating Temp



NPN, PNP Open collector
Environmental Rating IP54

Power In

+11-28 VDC
Short-Circuit and Overload Protection

Mechanical Specifications

label sensor mechanical

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